After a solar eclipse, volcanic activityYellowstone has increased dramatically

Scientists beforehand feared that a solar eclipse would increase
the activity of the supervolcano of Yellowstone Park, however they are
hoping at the same time that everything could do.

Not done, and today seismologists state that the volcano
shakes is not childish, because the caldera boils with a record
performance even compared with the troubled this summer.

By the way, on the very day of the solar eclipse, that is, on August 21,
Yellowstone has shown six serious shocks, magnitude
which reached 3.2 points on the Richter scale, and in August only
National Park has already happened about nine hundred earthquakes that
can be compared with the two-year norm, say, five years ago.
This is a very alarming signal, and therefore scientists, for example, the doctor
Physics and Mathematics, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri
Zhivlyuk, believe that today it is necessary to connect everything to this problem.
global community. US alone can not cope with

As we already wrote, NASA planned to “calm” the volcano by two
ways – with the help of an artificial detonation of a small atomic
bomb or by cooling the magma with water. Currently
Aerospace Agency management has already abandoned the mine
of the method, however, as some volcanologists believe, and water
option can turn into a real tragedy that will be worse
than complete non-interference.

The problem with the volcano Yellowstone need to be addressed by the whole world

That is why Yuri Zhivlyuk proposes to solve this problem as
it is said by the whole world, because Yellowstone can at any moment
explode and bang so that not only will not seem to residents
North America, but the Earth as a whole.

The source of the magma of any major volcano, the scientist writes, is
at a depth of about 100 kilometers, and Yellowstone has
magma chamber only 8-16 kilometers from the surface of the earth,
that is why, as they say, he is about to “give birth”.
Its explosion will be equivalent to a large-scale nuclear war.
The territory of the United States and part of the server areas of Canada will be swept into
blink of an eye and then giant tsunami waves through some
time will wash away Spain, Portugal, England, France, Italy, Germany,
Japan, Korea and China will get well, as, incidentally, and

The hole area in the crust after such an explosion may
reach four thousand square kilometers, and here from this
fiend into the atmosphere tens of thousands of cubic will be ejected
kilometers of ash, which completely covers the sun. And come on
throughout the earth, long night and winter, after which neither
plant or animal world. A bunch of people who manage to hide
in shelters will be doomed to a miserable existence under these conditions,
since they and their children will get lifeless and poisoned on
many centuries the planet …

This, of course, is the worst option, says Yury Zhivlyuk, but he is quite
possible, but because all countries of the world today must unite their
efforts before such a universal danger that hangs over us.
And at this time we continue to fight and make snares to each other, well
like children, right …

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