After meeting with the UFO, the Briton fears thataliens will kidnap

Staffordshire UK resident 38-year-old
British programmer Owen fears that after meeting with a UFO,
which occurred in 2016, aliens will certainly kidnap
him since lately he does not believe that this meeting
happened by chance. However, judge for yourself.

A frightened man turned for advice on this matter
famous English paranormal researcher Damon
Simms. Here is what he told the specialist:

It began in February 2016, that evening I returned to
car from friends. It was dark and clear, because the sky was burning bright
stars. When I was approaching the main highway, the side
Sightedly I noticed the object flying low above the ground: I also thought that
this is a helicopter.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t pay any attention to it.
attention because I was listening to my beloved classic
music, surrendering to its divine sounds and rhythms. And my attention
It was focused on a country road, where in such darkness
to run into some animal is a breeze.

And suddenly, in the rearview mirror, I notice: a huge
UFO, thirty meters at most, while shimmering multi-colored
lights that are not typical for any aircraft or helicopter. I,
A matter of fact, he added speed, but the device did not lag behind, even became
approach. The pursuit lasted no more than five minutes, but
then the UFO suddenly disappeared.

I, конечно, испугался, но уже вскоре, выехав на магистраль,
calmed down, and after a few days forgot and think about it
incident: maybe I dreamed everything, maybe it’s some kind
secret military apparatus flew? In general, the less you know – stronger
you sleep … But it’s just a dream … The fact is that lately I
suddenly that UFO began to dream, moreover, in a dream “flying saucer”
overtakes my car and the aliens take me to their ship.
At this moment, every time I wake up in fear, and do not know what I
now do …

Damon Simms, having printed this eyewitness UFO story, just
invited Internet users to think that they could face
Owen? Are these signs that he is correct
interprets or guy just need to go to a psychiatrist?

Americans generally advise the second option, the Russians, all as
one, leaning on what Owen really is
fear, especially if he is a cool programmer …

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