Again, Russia is to blame: now in unprecedentedfrosts that hit the US

In North America, the Atlantic Ocean is frozen, anxiously
journalists write, in the cities of Massachusetts cars are not easy
snowing – they literally freeze into ice (see video
below). Meteorologists say that “explosive
cyclone “or a powerful storm that caused an unprecedented cooling
on the continent.

The most amazing thing is that the Internet immediately began to raise
the question of climate weapons, which Russia allegedly possesses, that
it turns out Putin froze the Americans. But is it?

If you listen to conspiracy theorists, then the US also has a climatic
weapon in the form of HAARP, which is located in Alaska. In this case,
why Americans do not use it now, as a response
strike against the “climate attack” by the Russian Federation? After all, in Russia,
on the contrary, the weather is mild and very favorable for winter – right
grace of god Would the United States really miss this opportunity? Yes
Never in my life!

From this we can conclude that no one in our world has yet
possesses such weapons, although scientific developments in this direction
Both in the US and Russia, it seems, China is not far behind in this.
plan, not to mention Japan and other advanced countries. But … bye
it is unreal, and life itself is the best confirmation of this.

But what has been happening lately with the North
America, and about Western Europe is worth mentioning, because here
also began, as they say, god knows what. Not by chance some
Analysts and forecasters claim that the cause of natural,
economic and other anomalies (for the EU, for example, these are terrible
migration processes) may be the intervention of the United States and countries
European Union in the affairs of Russia – a country that has always been under
patronage of higher powers (remember all attempts to put the Slavs
on your knees, how did they end?). Now they want Russia again
make extreme in all the troubles of the world, again put on your knees.
The past three years have shown that this is not very
it turns out – it would be necessary to draw a conclusion and change the policy.
An, no, stubbornness, as the driving force of madmen, dominates
today in the world. And therefore, it is possible that the higher forces began
tighten the screws even more as a response against incessant
aggressive policies of the West.

Yes, это может быть совпадением, случайностью, если бы не одно
�”But” – in this world, according to the true sages, does not happen
accidents, everything is subject to a strict plan
causation, which in the East is called
karma …

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