Agency FEMA is waiting for September 27Apocalypse?

The official website of the American Agency for Emergencies
FEMA announced that September 27 this year in the United States will be held
testing a nationwide alert system

This means that the federal rescue service temporarily takes
your control all electronic communication systems, ranging from radio, TV and
ending with mobile and Internet. Within a minute along all these lines
and an alarm will be broadcast to the channels.

According to the FEMA management, it will be tested in this way.
A new, very fast and reliable way to alert the population of the country
about the impending catastrophe, be it an earthquake, thermonuclear
a war, an unprecedented hurricane, or some other elemental
disaster. In this case, the site emphasizes that no
there is no reason to be concerned about it, and there can be no
just doctrines, test readiness of national communication in case
real threat.

However, most Americans no longer believe in official
assurances of his government, and therefore among the population
The United States began a real panic. Some believe
that the government will start a war with the DPRK on this day, others
remember the prophecies of the coming earthquakes and floods,
still others fear the mythical planet Nibiru, not to mention the invasion
aliens and the possible explosion of the supervolcano Yellowstone.

In general, the fears and horrors that have flooded recently
The minds of Americans are media, quite a few, with all these predictions and conjectures
for some reason they are starting to come true, which is more than eloquently
�”Speak” real disasters that hit America.

And then, as if on purpose, the prophecy of Dr. was recalled. Doom
Ed Dame), which stated that after the Mexico City earthquake
strength of 7 points soon, specifically on September 27, 2017, on
The sun flashes unprecedented in its power flash, which
will disable all the electronics on the planet, which will cause
to start a nuclear war, and in general – the Apocalypse.

And although such predictions are now in the media so much that they
one could no longer pay attention (after all, practically nothing
comes true), the Americans were alerted by the date – September 27:
why did FEMA choose their nationally frightening teachings
exactly this day? And more: an earthquake in Mexico
It happened, and just such a force, which predicted Dr. Doom …

Is this a coincidence that Americans ask in horror? Before
The answer to this burning question remained exactly a week …

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