Airliner passenger shot a giant cameraUFO

News agency shared with
users of the Internet a unique video that
made one of the passengers of the Chinese airline airliner. On
unique frames captured a huge unidentified object that
accompanies the plane, whether watching him or just
being close, flies for some time in parallel.

Скорее всего, последнее, утверждают журналисты, поскольку UFO
accompanies the airliner just a short time, and then dives into the clouds and
out of sight. Surprisingly, ufologists are at a loss:
they cannot identify the aircraft extraterrestrial
origin. And, as experts say, the device was removed from
rather close distance, but why don’t the pilots notice him
(the plane does not react to the presence next to him so
dangerous object)?

Internet users even suggested that this is a dirigible,
since in its form it is very similar to it. Another thing is that
airships don’t fly so fast. It turns out that this material or
фейк, или очень удачная съемка неизвестного UFO. True, the agency does not doubt the authenticity of the material, the rest
World Wide Web users remain or believe, admiring
seen, or not to believe, building skeptical guesses what is it
is it? ..

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