Alaska weather webcam capturesan unidentified object like a huge fish

Ufologists and researchers of supernatural phenomena, leading
popular YouTube channel “Disclose Screen”, shared with viewers
another intriguing record. Enthusiasts say that
periodically view weather cameras belonging to
The United States Federal Aviation Administration, and recently
The lens of one of them got something strange. It happened in the city
Kivalina, Alaska.

The webcam captured an unidentified flying object in the sky,
like a big fish! The authors of the finding are convinced that this is
alien aircraft, which from this angle has taken so much
fancy look.

Despite the fact that ufologists reasonably explain their
assumptions (see video), there were skeptics who
believe that the camera with low-quality shooting could grab in the sky
any flying object or living object, also distorting it,
for example, a bird. Why immediately aliens? ..

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