Alcohol “cursed” by witches became popular withbuyers

Witches from the famous English village of Plakley, considered
the most densely populated evil place of the United Kingdom,
faced recently with a certain crisis. According to the sorceresses,
officially registered their activities, fewer people
Appeal to them to remove the damage and curses.
Concerned by this state of affairs, the witches arranged a meeting and
according to its results, they decided to go for quite a risky and
controversial move.

Now the witches of Plakli betray everyone who wants to be anathematized – of course,
for a cash reward. And as a bonus to such a curse
there is a bottle of unusual gin. Actually, the alcoholic drink itself
and is damned. According to its producers, enough
drink just one stack of this vodka to start in your life
noticeable problems. Some imprudent buyers already with
regretted that black magic really works.

Cursed Alcohol – Acts, But Why Is It Becoming?
more popular?

According to the witches, all the ingredients for a strong drink
grown exclusively in the village of Plakli, which is literally
charged with negative energy. Water is taken from the cursed well,
in which, according to rumors, the ghost dwells, and apples, mint and
juniper is collected in special gardens on the site of the ancient
Druid cemetery. Gin is being cooked under the full moon, and that’s what
the time of the witch is sending curses to vodka. Not the strongest, but all
same unpleasant.

Surprisingly, this potentially dangerous drink quickly
there were many connoisseurs. This suggests a reasonable question:
Why do these people do that? Are they all notorious
masochists? Gin makers explain that by no means. AT
it’s mostly about skeptics and materialists who don’t believe in
magic and curses, and therefore boast of their disbelief and willingly
buy damn gin in order to prove to themselves and the world their point
view. True, some of them subsequently recognize their
a mistake.

So, one 34-year-old man got into the hospital shortly after
how he acquired magic vodka and cut it with friends.
History is silent about whether something bad has happened to
companions of this individual, but the Englishman himself fell
after three days in the hospital with a broken rib. He was hit by a car.
ATедьмы из Плакли, узнав об этом, равнодушно пожали плечами: даже на
Gin’s label clearly states that its use causes
misfortunes …

ATпрочем, такой «недоброкачественный» напиток может быть
popular for another reason: they can be treated, for example, enemies
and enemies, and almost within the law and even
moral standards. ATот только как быть в этом случае с духовными
abutments? ..

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