Alexander Belyaev had the talent to noticetrends in the development of society

Alexander Belyaev was “Russian Jules Verne”. He was considered such
because he could also foresee the future that was shown in
their wise and mysterious novels, like the great French
fiction Moreover, Belyaev even predicted his own death …

Amphibian and Scuba

In his youth, he really wanted to become a lawyer, and therefore, against the will of
his parents, learned to be a lawyer. In his aspiring lawyer
practice is a fateful event, to him for legal
protection comes clairvoyant who was accused of deliberate
the death of several men, although she simply predicted their demise.
Belyaev jokingly asked the visitor to predict his

You yourself have a visionary talent, the woman replied, you yourself
may look into the future. But I will say that your life will be
bright, though unbearably heavy (and it turned out, see below
documentary about Belyaev). Belyaev grinned and got down to business
fortune teller. And won it.

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