Alexander Litvin presented his forecast for 2018year

The winner of the TV show “The Battle of Psychics” Alexander Litvin
offers his vision of how events will develop in
России и в мире в целом в следующем 2018 yearу.

Clarify that the forecast of this researcher is very interesting because
that Litvin is not just a psychic and an astrologer, he is a talented scientist,
developed his original system of intuitive perception
of the world. Businessman, lawyer, historian, physician, chemist, physicist, biologist,
politician – this person has a huge stock of knowledge and
cosmic energy has long been surprising the world for its exact


Russia is on the verge of big changes for the better. They
были подготовлены в течение предыдущих лет, но только в 2018 yearу
many interesting and fundamental bills will take effect.
Unfortunately, foreign policy problems are not excluded, even
possible military conflicts, although in the Third World War, about
which they have been talking about so much lately, this is by no means
will not pour out.


The economic crisis awaits almost all Western countries.
Europe, and the United States – a real crash. Процветать в мире в следующем yearу
there will be only India and China. As for Russia, it will remain
afloat, and its economic growth is directly dependent on
the cohesion of the people, but not from the merit of the leader whom we
выберем в марте предстоящего yearа.


Year of the Yellow Earth Dog is interesting because it is a time
трансформации гражданского сознания, а потому в 2018 yearу вся
the falsity of Russian officials and businessmen will manifest itself in all
beauty, and therefore will fail as a local, small, and
large-scale cheats. Similar “cleansing” of Russian society
особенно ярко проявится во втором полуyearии.

Russian society will begin to change dramatically, the people are aware
your mistakes and start working on them. But success again will be
depend on the diligence and integrity of each, and not on who
take the presidency.

Russia and Ukraine

Будущий year в целом будут благоприятным для Украины, в которой
there will be a coup d’état and will come to power
pro-Russian forces. This will bring the country long-awaited positive
change, and reconcile Ukraine with Russia. Although the beginning of 2018
yearа, скорее всего, ознаменуется усилением военных действий с целью
the seizure of the current leadership of the country of the republics of the DPR and the LPR.

Chaos in the world and light in the soul

The world, according to Alexander Litvinov, is increasingly immersed in
chaos. In this case, each person must find the strength to ignite
the light of love and kindness in your soul. This will be a salvation for him.
himself and his family, his inner circle. And if the Russian people
will follow this advice, then Russia as a whole will soon recover from
былого мракобесия и кошмарного сна, и 2018 year будут для нее именно
the time of awakening – awareness and spiritual enlightenment …

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