Alien attack promised by the endof the year

Ufologists, constantly watching the outer space,
calculated that the cluster is rapidly moving toward our planet
unknown objects.

Experts believe that this may be an armada of intergalactic
alien ships. Moreover, researchers are convinced that
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization are very hostile, and
no good first mass contact between “green
people and earthlings does not promise us.

What could be necessary here for aliens? Our very “blue
ball, its minerals, and maybe ourselves or our
technology? The latter does not look too likely, because
humanity has not flown so far beyond the moon (and that is very doubtful),
however, the uninvited guests have allegedly been overcome by many
millions of light years to enslave or destroy people.
Naturally, we have been frightened many times before by unfulfilled
later predictions about the attack of “green men”, however
This does not mean that the next prediction of ufologists can not
prove truthful.

Aliens will not “play toys”

Experts tell:

According to our data, the combat fleet
представителей внеземной цивилизации достигнет нас к концу of the year.
At the same time now with the alien spacecraft happening
something strange. Future invaders seem to have realized that their
spotted, and went to a certain deceptive maneuver. Part of armada
turned and flew back, and the other part moved to us with
enhanced speed. In less than three months, she will fly to
Earth We believe that the strike force attacks us first,
The main purpose of which will be the destruction of the largest cities in the world.
This immediately plunges society into chaos. Then on our planet will fly
another fleet that will establish a new order here. However there is
most likely that all of us just destroy.

Ufologists also report that the governments of America, Russia, and China
and other influential countries of the world are well aware of the upcoming
the invasion. At the moment, they say, are thinking about
what better way to do in this situation. On the one hand, politicians
can negotiate with aliens and try to minimize
the consequences of alien intervention in our lives. With another
hand, the powers that be can “sell” us to invaders and
go live in their luxurious bunkers under the ocean. Finally,
possible large-scale war that will unite all countries of the Earth
in the face of a common enemy.

Famous personalities about a possible attack

It is noteworthy that recently a similar statement was made
famous English theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. Authoritative
the scientist did not report the exact date of the alien invasion
civilization on Earth, however, told that there is no doubt
in the aggressiveness of aliens and in the defenselessness of earthlings in front of
conquerors from other planets. People, according to Hawking, did not
will be able to defend against a highly developed alien civilization,
mastered space flights over enormous distances. However,
the physicist is “encouraging” that no invasion can take place,
if humankind has ruined itself in advance with a nuclear war or
will create a powerful artificial intelligence that itself
wish to wipe us off the face of the earth.

Former astronaut Ed Mitchell, who passed away last year, did
before death a sensational statement. He told reporters that
saw aliens with my own eyes. According to the American, outwardly
aliens were thin and small with disproportionately large
heads. In addition, Mitchell reported that aliens are set to
we are extremely aggressive and consider human civilization
defective, unworthy of existence. Starter also
said that the US government has long been aware of intentions
humanoids from other planets, but not in a hurry
do about it.

Finally, в апреле этого of the year другая сенсационная информация
Received from the former head of the US National Space
agencies. Charles Boldennes, whom NASA shortly before
removed from work, said that the invasion will happen very
Soon, and our days are numbered. Ufologists around the world considered then
that the former astronaut was removed from his high post after
he declared his desire to tell the world community the truth about
aliens. The words of this specialist who had access to the most
secret and important information about UFOs and aliens is difficult
call into question.

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