Alien bacteria found on ISS

Russian cosmonauts made an amazing statement. They
reported that they found mysterious bacteria on the surface of the ISS,
who may have flown there from space. Since before on
the International Space Station has not detected any
microorganisms, it looks especially curious. Samples
alien bacteria were taken from the surface of the ISS using
cotton swabs during a recent expedition of domestic
star navigators.

Russian test cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov tells,
that when the tampons were delivered to Earth, they were found
unknown bacteria. When starting the module of the orbital station in
November 1998, any microbes on its hull are naturally
absent. In other words, there is a huge possibility that
mysterious bacteria came from outer space, after which
settled on the lining of the spacecraft. According to Anton
Nikolayevich, at the moment Russian scientists are intensively studying

I remember the recent science fiction film “Living”, according to
the plot of which is on the same International Space Station
turns out to be an alien single-celled (at first glance) creature.
However, it later turns out that this is a multicellular
colonial organism. In a matter of hours, it turns into a dangerous
a large creature that kills everything in its path. However, domestic
the researchers report that microbes found on the ISS in reality,
do not pose a threat to us.

Alien or still terrestrial bacteria?

The extraterrestrial origin of these bacteria has not yet received
one hundred percent confirmation. Many foreign scientists refuse
believe that our astronauts made such a sensational
find According to skeptics from the world of science, these microorganisms
were probably brought to the orbital station’s plating with our
planets – for example from a computer tablet or another
�“Contaminated” equipment when crew members went out to

However, even if the microbes were brought onto the body of the ISS with
of our “blue ball”, the find of domestic astronauts all
equally deserves a lot of attention. Shkaplerov and his colleagues
showed that microorganisms are able to survive on the plating of the station,
located in the cosmic vacuum where the temperature varies from
+121 degrees Celsius on the sunlit side to -157
degrees in the shade. No matter where these bacteria come from
it is damn hard, but they continue to live, which is not just
amazing, but really fantastic …

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