Alien base found near Cuba

An international group of ufologists and virtual archaeologists has made
extremely curious statement. According to the researchers, they
discovered near Cuba underwater base of representatives of extraterrestrial

The mysterious find prompted the experts to think that there
There may still be “green men.” Say, in the sea
aliens much easier to hide from people to crank
on our planet their dark deeds.

Conspiracy therapists report that they found in the bay near the Cuban
of the islands of Caicos and Turks mysterious funnel under the water column.
Experts looked at satellite images of the area and found
near the shore there is a perfectly round dark hole with a diameter
several tens of kilometers. According to the authors
Finds, this should be exactly the base of aliens. The fact,
the researchers explain that neither man nor nature is capable
create a similar structure. It’s amazing that no one has ever
noticed this giant funnel in the seabed.

Recall that Cuba and aliens are very common among
ufologists and conspiracy the topic of conversation. As you know, in 1998
year in the southern part of the Cuban gulf Guantanamo appeared
the same name of the American air force base. Many experts
claim that the US military held or even still
hold here the aliens whose airships were shot down by them over
Caribbean Sea. It is possible that the Yankees also seized the wreckage of these

By the way, we note that the alleged base of alien ufologists
are found all over the planet, however, to prove it practically
impossible, because aliens and close do not admit earthlings to
their secret “parking”. What kind of disclosures of alien bases
can speak with the level of earthly technology if researchers are up to
still cannot penetrate a UFO that has apparently crashed, or
at least get this “flying saucer” from the bottom of the Baltic Sea.
However, for us there is still a great mystery even a variety of forms
and the “behavior” in the air of a UFO …

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