Alien bases are found all over the world

базы инопланетян

Amazing discovery of archaeologists, who according to the old tradition
carried out their excavations, it became what they found some
strange construction whose architecture was like nothing
previously familiar. After a more detailed inspection it became clear that
the structure was not only of fancy shape and scale size, but
and was created from such material that does not exist in
nature. Therefore, archaeologists have called on the help of ufologists, the object was
classified and it became clear that this is not just another artifact
but the real base of aliens. Then, the same building was
found in France, then again in America, then in China
and even in Russia. So what did the aliens want to hide, that
hid their bases deep underground? It is unknown until
today. But at the same time, the bases of aliens continue
open simple inhabitants and until today.

Where are the alien ships? In other galaxies or on our planet?

Many representatives of modernity are already tired of responding to
questions that they were eyewitnesses to how unidentified flying
objects streamed right over their heads. So it is, ships
aliens more than once flew to us on Earth, and were spotted
both airborne and underwater radars, not counting human

где корабли инопланетян

Therefore, the question of where the ships of aliens, it is quite expected.
After all, it is likely that many ships do not fly in other
galaxies and do not live with aliens on other planets, but
are under our noses, we just haven’t had time to notice this yet.
Evidence that there is a UFO on Earth is that
discovered numerous bases of alien creatures that
possessed gigantic sizes. Surely, there were located
ships together with aliens until they were discovered
people. And how many more such bases are not found here? Even scary
to think Therefore, the question of where the ships
aliens, you can safely answer that on our planet.

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