Alien City – a strange and terrible findon the ground

Город инопланетян

Residents of the planet Earth who year after year feel out of place
on my plate. The fact is, they found an alien city, and this
can not but plunge into shock. Moreover, eyewitnesses claim that
it is not just a city, but a whole laboratory in which there is a mass
things, most of which are not only not familiar to people, but also
incomprehensible in its essence. That is, aliens flew to Earth
to experiment on people? Or maybe they were on
Earth, and the people they need to explore them, as we in
do we research animals in our laboratories? Yes, about this even scary
thinking, but the fact remains – the city-laboratory exists. AND
now the only way out for mere mortals is to just forget about it
existence, live and think in a positive way, sincerely hoping
the fact that the aliens somewhere have not built another such city in
which will conduct their next scientific achievements.

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