Alien considered on video from the spotcrash in argentina

Below is a video that has become
Internet sensation, was received a week ago in the Argentine
province of Rio Negro. Unknown cameraman filmed on camera
smartphone crash site after a car collided here
and minibus. It is known that the incident occurred in the city
Chipolletti. As a result of a traffic accident
Three citizens suffered, but no one, fortunately, was killed.

Nothing seemed a remarkable movie interested
users of the World Wide Web after it was considered
someone who suspiciously looks like an alien.
Mysterious individual near the ambulance car,
seems to have a strange gray head without hair, not too similar
on the human. Some of the most attentive web patrons
they even claim that this humanoid has no ears.

The local media report that the alleged
representative of an extraterrestrial civilization who has caused a stir in
The Internet is most certainly an ambulance employee. They say
this is a bald black man whose head took such an unusual
color due to play of light and poor recording quality. Journalists even
found the alleged “hero of the occasion” – it turned out to be a local
ambulance driver and owner of a shiny bald spot
Pedro Mogillanski.

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