Alien day will come very soon

день инопланетян

Every day people are increasingly talking about aliens.
The newcomers are shown in the cinema, they are leaked to the windows of counters,
their images are full of school notebooks, they are even made of
toys Therefore, it is more than predictable that the day of aliens
is coming. Naturally, humanity is not yet ready to admit that
However, despite the fact that people are too “negligent” to
genuine visit of aliens, it does not prevent them from taking and appearing on
all their ships at the same time. How else to understand what they are with
every day they appear more and more often, and do not even hide their
of existence. Therefore, the only way out is not to watch.
“Star Wars”, and build a large-scale plan to enslave
aliens, otherwise the opposite may occur. And people do not have time
look back as guests on your own planet, which is populated
little green men.

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