Alien girl lives in Russia

девочка инопланетянка

Aliens exist, and they are on our planet!
Proof of this are the mysterious pyramids, the letters of the ancients
civilizations, cave paintings, predictions and more.
Alien guests come to us through the paranormal “H” zone,
which are in many countries, including Russia, and described
there are many cases in which aliens have sex with
the women of Earth – this happened to the American Betty Hill and Betty
Andreasson Luke.

Aliens implant their genetic
material and they give birth to hybrid babies that differ in breast
age of high intelligence and rare for a child earthling
physical strength. An example of such children is an alien girl with
unusual anatomy and capabilities, and she lives in Russia, in

Many interesting things are revealed to us in the studies of Erich von
Daniken, from the materials of the FBI and the KGB, a book by J. Fuller, which
prove that in the universe we are not alone.

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