Alien ship “Black Knight” again hitin camera lens

Astronauts of the US Aerospace Agency NASA again
поймали in camera lens НЛО, очень похожий на легендарный
satellite of alien origin, once called “Black

At least, the UFO video channel administrator is sure of that.
Today on YouTube hosting Tim Beckers, who published this
video (see below). Note that UFO Today is considered online
the Internet is the most popular and reputable
many of his fans channel, because it
only validated data are published. And even the stated versions
like today about the “Black Knight”, they are not sucked from the finger, but
seriously argued.

For example, Tim Bekkers is sure that a recent management statement
NASA that they found an explanation for the “Black Knight”, they say, this
only isothermal rescue blanket does not stand up
no criticism First, the blanket and interplanetary ship,
left for some reason orbiting the Earth by aliens and
observed by many astronomers and ufologists are incommensurable by
sizes. Secondly, the “Black Knight” was seen on Earth’s orbit.
before this heat shield could enter space
before the launch of the ISS, by the way, Nikola Tesla also mentions it)).
Third, there is historical evidence that this alien satellite
has been spinning in orbit for 13 thousand years, so the “final point”
NASA in this matter was too faded and unconvincing.

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