Alien ship in the UK disguisedunder the cloud

In the UK, there is a huge “flying saucer”, which
маскировалась under the cloud. A resident of one of the villages of the county
South Yorkshire, who noticed and then filmed this UFO,
at first did not even imagine that he had a chance to run into

It was for the cloud of amazing form that he first took
mysterious object, and therefore decided to shoot it with a video camera of his
mobile phone. However, at the moment when the shooting was going on, the Briton (decided
remain incognito for Internet users) suddenly realized
that this is not a natural phenomenon, but a real flying
apparatus of unknown origin.

The fact is that the strange “cloud” was not just hanging in the sky, but
moving, and constantly changing the trajectory of its movement.
Finally, the UFO just disappeared from view – flew away.

Already at home, looking through the record, a resident of Foggy Albion realized
что ему удалось снять НЛО, маскирующийся under the cloud. What did he do
in the sky above his village, why behaved so strange, to understand
Of course, it is impossible, but the Briton somehow decided that this “flying
dish “is very dangerous, so for the sake of caution, he decided not to
advertise your name or place of residence. However, the record
soon fell into the hands of ufologists. How are they also not
clarify …

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