Alien ship “lost” in the mountainsItaly

The most amazing thing is that the flight of this UFO, which is the author
provides our attention, quite impressive. And so
that not everyone believes in him. It turns out as always: a good video is very
reminds us of a fake, in the bad – annoying, why I want to give
operator modern smartphone with a normal video camera.

Apparently, the tourist who is at that moment in
the Italian city of Bolzano, with a smartphone was all right.
The man, in his own words, went out early on the morning on the porch of the hotel and
suddenly … noticed a strange “airplane” in the sky. Here’s how it describes it.

I have never seen anything like it. First, this unit was
without wings and propellers, and therefore its oval shape
(“Flying plate”) looked more like objects
alien origin. Moreover, he did not publish any
sounds, and then even hovered in the sky – we don’t seem to have so far on Earth
such advanced technologies. Finally he began to decline and quickly
disappeared from sight. Despite the fact that the UFO just “lost”
in the mountains, it seems to me that he was going to land, perhaps even
forced …

And although this is only an eyewitness assumption, we note that the mountains,
there are the most secluded and inaccessible places for people, often
chosen by aliens for forced UFO landings. For example, in
its time in the Grand Canyon of Arizona USA was discovered
crashed alien ship that was later installed
experts, more than 4 thousand years.

The United States military naturally got this
spherical UFO and sent to one of its many
secret bases, especially since the device, as reported by insiders
The Weekly World News portal was in fairly good condition and even
spread a little radiation around him.

At one time, Dr. Henry Lemont wrote that aliens from that
the crashed ship most likely looked like people and could
breathe in our atmosphere. They left their broken apparatus and
for some time, apparently, lived not far from him. That stay
aliens on Earth reflected in the cave paintings of local
indians In the caves near the place where the UFO was found, on
stone walls you can find images of humanoids with strange
bulbous heads.

Insiders also reported that the US plans to declassify
Air Force documents regarding this case. If it is really
so, then the Americans, apparently, failed to penetrate the apparatus
aliens or at least get some benefit from it
alien technology plan. We have already written about
the fiasco that awaited the US military and scientists when they
investigated the crashed UFO. Apparently, aliens can keep
from earthlings their technical secrets.

However, 4,000 years ago, they were probably not afraid
Indians, since they were in contact with them and even painted them on the stone.
Думается, что сегодня, даже если в горах Italy действительно
The alien machine has crashed, they are no longer in contact with people
go – we are too wild for this, that is, completely
notorious on receiving only one from them – incredible
space technology …

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