Aliens – a description of mysterious creatures

Описание инопланетян людьми

Many are interested in what aliens really are. Kind
they are either evil, they will bring something good to Earth, or only
destruction, they are friends of man or enemies, and many others
questions that each person asks himself. Ufologists, wanting
to appease contemporaries, we decided to give a more detailed description
aliens, and therefore the description of aliens is: 1. They have a large
head, huge narrow eyes, high forehead and small mouth. 2. Do
they have blue jelly-like blood, small thin hands and legs. 3
They live in another galaxy and fly to us like friends. 4. They
move on high speed plates because wherever they are
live, the perception of time and space is a bit different. 5. They
They came in peace, and they want the same from us. Therefore, there is nothing wrong
that our Earth is visited by aliens. Especially because
aliens whose description is given by scientists cannot but
to dispose to friendship.

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