Aliens abduct people – terrible truthis open

Not so long ago the information that aliens abduct people
seemed something comical and unreal. From this created bright
scenes of films where a person is taken to the ship, and after that they spend
over it experiences. But suddenly it is not only the blockbuster plot, but the fact that
happens to people for real? As it turned out, psychiatric
hospitals are replenished for a reason. They have a good part of the people
to which the aliens once came, took in their
“possessions”, put experiments, and then returned back. At the same time people
tell their stories in such detail that they go
goosebumps. But how can they experiment on those whose body
is safe and sound? Probably the secret is very simple –
aliens have their own methods of influence, and our brains
just not able to understand them. Therefore, it is worth being careful and tight
close doors and windows at night so that, due to their carelessness,
get into an experimental alien clinic.

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