Aliens and human evolution. Whether there is arelationship?

Инопланетяне и эволюция человека

In all natural processes can be traced
a pattern that explains the evolution of animals and plants without
any speculation using proven scientific information.
The origin of man in the general harmony of natural processes is worth
as if by itself.

To explain the “natural” evolution of man at the level
peremptory scientific facts required to overcome the band
conjectures where the desired with a great probability can
issued for valid. In this regard, there are grounds
to think that the evolution of nature is in itself, and the mystery of origin
the person should be seen in the “other coordinate system”.
Aliens and human evolution – it is precisely in this relationship that
the answer to the riddle should be hidden: who we are, where we are from, why we live on this
the planet and what awaits our civilization in the future.

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