Aliens are approaching the earth -eyewitness accounts

Not so long ago, the World Wide Web was published
video where with my own eyes you can see how the camera
the satellite is shooting an unidentified flying object that is rapidly
heading towards Earth. This video so astronauts plunged
the shock that they had forgotten about any secrecy, instantly laid it out
to the network. So, the video clearly shows how on a flying saucer
aliens are approaching the earth. But, only they approached
The globe, as sharply turned and flew in another
direction. What caused such an act – is unknown. Can
aliens saw how they were removed and did not want to be
open? Maybe the reason is completely different, and soon
will be available to all. In short, the only thing that can be argued
this is what aliens regularly visit us humans. What kind
they have plans and why they are getting closer and closer to Earth
is still unknown, but soon all the secret will be revealed, and aliens
or will disappear forever, or will become one more inhabitants of the Earth.

Aliens are coming

Scientists have repeatedly proved that aliens exist.
This is indicated by traces that can be seen throughout our planet,
witnesses testify to this with their own eyes
have seen the way a creature approaches them. But is it a dream or
reality? Fantastic fiction, or the undeniable reality? Such
questions will torment the representatives of modernity until
aliens will not come to all 6 billion together. And now you can
only to say that aliens come no matter what.
They, as if by magic, appear and disappear, every second
saw them personally, or their flying saucers. And these visits become
increasingly frequent.

So why do aliens come? Can быть они хотят нам
say something incredibly important? Can быть планета, на которой мы
live, belongs to them? Or maybe they come only with that
aim to get to know us, make contact, and invite to
guests on a delicious alien pie? Soon all the riddles will be
revealed, and aliens in one of their visits will open their
true face.

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