Aliens are close to Earth and this eventinevitably

Инопланетяне близко

Recently, on many news sites on the Internet
The subject of huge alien aliens flying to Earth is being actively discussed.
ships. Proof are photographs that captured
round and cylindrical flying objects against the sky. However, with
From a practical point of view, this “sensational” duck does not stand up
no criticism Even if we assume that aliens are close and
heading straight to Earth, then surely this event cannot
go unnoticed by at least half the inhabitants
the planets. Suppose half of the earthlings saw round, cylindrical
or oval objects in the sky. Let’s say the second half of people
I learned about it from the news. But where is the confidence that these objects
really ufo? And here come to the aid of ufologists, who in one
voice will tell everyone that aliens are close.

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