Aliens are like a man like two dropswater

Инопланетяне похожи на людей

Scientists have finally managed to establish what the external
kind of aliens. Oddly enough, but aliens are like humans
both externally and internally. According to scientists, they have
the same body structure, presence of feelings and high ability
think. However, despite all this similarity, aliens also
dramatically and different. They have a very developed spiritual perception,
it is not blood that flows in their veins, but some kind of blue mass, they can
change their appearance, which proves that each of them has
hypnotic abilities. But at the same time the aliens have
main similarity with us, people. They know how to love. It is proven
many world famous ufologists. And this is due to the fact that
aliens perceive us humans as their children, they
they take care of us and therefore they control us regularly. So who
are we humans? Children of aliens, or their offspring?

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