Aliens are real – say ufologists

Настоящие инопланетяне

If you believe ufologists who have been studying for many years
alien creatures, then aliens are real, and their present is not
it happens. In order for people to believe in their existence, not
thought it was just a fiction of fantasy and romantics, ufologists
prepared incontestable evidence. The first one is the video.
Surely, everyone agrees that what they see
eyes can not be challenged. Therefore, today you can contemplate
a lot of declassified films on which aliens without shadow
embarrassment walk in the frame, fly on their plates under the gun cameras
and even appear in pictures next to people. For those too
is incredulous and thinks that all videos and photos are nothing more than
Photoshop, cooked more realistic proof that
aliens are real. And these are their bases, which are located throughout
the world, as well as their remains, which are found by archaeologists, and now
researched by scientists. Therefore, the aliens are the same as
we humans You just need to believe it.

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