Aliens can be found focusing onspace debris near their planets

For many, it is no secret that our “blue ball” is surrounded today.
huge amount of space junk. This giant dump
man-made objects are already there long enough
time, but only now she pushed scientists to a very
interesting assumption: what if the representatives of extraterrestrial
civilizations too sin with this? Suddenly around the planets inhabited
intelligent aliens are also worn fragments of their satellites and
spaceships? Desperate to make contact with the aliens,
some experts are ready to consider even such a seemingly
unlikely opportunity.

Spanish astronomer Hector Sokas-Navarro from the Institute of Astrophysics
Canary Islands has long been watching space junk on
Earth orbit. In fact, the direct responsibility of this specialist
is the study of the sun, but every year a scientist more and more
draws attention to artificial objects and their fragments,
obstructing the observation of the luminary. Recently, an astronomer came to
the unexpected conclusion that technologically advanced “green
little men “who, like us, entered the space age,
for sure, too, must leave near their planets the belts of
space debris. If their garbage, like ours, consists of
metal parts, it should reflect the light of the parent stars,
and this brilliance may well be visible from the earth.

Inspired by his idea, Socas-Navarro conducted a series of experiments
using a ten-meter infrared telescope. Despite the fact that
no alien space debris the Spaniard has yet found, he
determined that theoretically this can be done. True for
This should take at least 200 years. The scientist has calculated that
It is then that our technology will achieve the kind of development that
allow us to detect metal debris in orbit
some distant exoplanets. Now terrestrial telescopes
so thin that they cannot distinguish space debris from
natural ring surrounding a potentially habitable sky

However, ufologists immediately ridiculed the theory of Hector. First of all,
they think aliens do not need to look for – they have long been here on
Earth Secondly, space junk is a sign of underdevelopment.
civilizations with which earthlings will have to fight sooner or later.
And what “green men” can be found in this way? The same,
as we are now, there are still few who understand in space and
device of the universe, but at the same time very aggressive? AND
do we need such contact with the “brothers in mind” even now
time, not to mention the passage of 200 years?

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