Aliens circles draw in the fields

инопланетяне и круги на полях

A lot of times, worried farmers rang that
their fields with cereals are lowered flying saucers, after which they remain
large dents-circles. After an investigation by ufologists
it became clear that farmers do not lie, and they often visit them
alien guests.

круги на полях из-за инопланетян

But it’s very strange for what reason aliens draw circles
on the fields? Why do they need it and what do they want to say
symbolism? According to scientists, aliens draw circles
several reasons. First of all to declare oneself, and
a clear example to show that they actually exist.
Secondly, it is believed that aliens are so dirty,
spoiling the harvest. Third, it is said that circular patterns
different sizes are not traces of plates, but just entertainment
aliens. Which version of the truth is unknown, and better
clarify with the aliens themselves why they need it.

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