Aliens contact with the earth

контакт с инопланетянами

Even elementary school children know what people are looking for.
contact with alien creatures. They desire not only to find
life in the universe, but also just to satisfy their interest. Because,
scientists regularly send signals in different directions, in
the hope that the inhabitants of other planets will intercept them and send
response message. But many do not think about what might be
This “interception” occurred a long time ago, and on our planet it was already
Long-awaited guests arrived. And now carefully try to commit
aliens contact by contacting the elect and appearing in
starry sky, but do not pay attention to it, and just wait
the appearance on the radar points, and in the headphones sounds. Maybe just
should look wider? Because aliens are not the first year
contact with earthlings, but unfortunately, no one
hears. Maybe it is temporary?

Aliens make contact with the elect

Over the centuries of the development of society, little has changed regarding
communication of people with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Have scientists
there is a technique, but no contact. Contactees, in turn, have
communication, but no evidence. For some unknown reason
aliens contacts make selective, yes so choose that
then it is impossible to prove anything. Canada, USA, Germany and many
other countries carry out various projects every year
aimed at finding extraterrestrial signals. Now “ears”
radio telescopes heed the sky continuously. NASA bugs the most
prospective stars, but so far their search cannot be called
really very successful. Or are they hiding something from us? One way or another
gathering for symposia dedicated to contacts, specialists
state the same fact: “We only know that we don’t
unknown. ”

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