Aliens did not find a better place, and choseus people

места инопланетян

After conducting a comparative analysis of countless
historical documents, Robert Nelson came to an entertaining
conclusion. Mysterious and mysterious objects at different times
differently called (gods, demons, angels, flying chariots,
shining birds, fire-breathing dragons, aliens …), contacted
with people throughout their evolution. It is very possible that
they became the creators of our history. Or maybe even the man himself.
Many ancient peoples have myths that confirm that
aliens places for disembarkation and contact were chosen all over the planet.
Most likely, they come to those who are currently in need
help and a kind of push forward. �”Gods Who Descended from Heaven”
they gave people knowledge, crafts, construction and
to agriculture. And who can say with confidence that Horus, Rod and
Ra, Min, Kron and As, Hades, Ptah and Dith, as well as an infinite number
other deities are not alien guests with intellect, where
as higher intelligence earthlings. Assuming all this is true
and aliens teach us, give us “intelligence and wisdom,” as
it is said in the legends that a reasonable one emerges, but unfortunately
rhetorical today, the question: “Why do they need all this?”
it remains only to believe that alien deities are guided
only the kindest motives.

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