Aliens do not cause much interest inearthlings

It is said that President John F. Kennedy was killed back in 1963
because he wanted to make public information about aliens and UFOs.
It seems that today the deep government would not do this,
because such and even more serious data about aliens
have long been no secrets. And not only for ufologists or
conspiracy therapists, but also for ordinary US citizens.

The fact is that the US military periodically declassifies
data about UFOs and aliens. For example, today from
free sources it is known that in addition to the famous “Roswell
incident “, there were other disasters of alien aircraft
devices. And in many cases, the bodies of the dead, whether aliens or
Did biorobots get to US secret bases, for example, only on
Wright-Patterson alone stores thirty frozen UFO pilots.
But in general there are much more of them (see the shortest
declassified list of accidents UFOs in which almost always in
hands of the military were aliens).

Despite such shocking (for some people) information,
большинство earthlings остаются к ним совершенно равнодушными. Some
some people just don’t believe in all this, because they expect
непременно официального объявления о контакте earthlings и инопланетян,
moreover, announcements from the mouths of the presidents, say, Putin or Trump,
the head of his country. And most of the inhabitants of our planet is
not even interesting, because they care much more urgent
problems, such as survival due to hunger, lack of housing,
arbitrariness of officials and so on. Not until the aliens here, especially
that so unfortunate and destitute these same aliens even
the account does not give anything and cannot give, even hopes …

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