Aliens doomsday foreshadowedlong

инопланетяне и конец света

Humanity is not the first time exposed to global danger.
Scientists almost annually say that the end of the world is coming.
But despite the upcoming cataclysms, the end of the world does not come.
Why so? Maybe someone just doesn’t want people to be erased.
from the face of the earth? So it is, and these mysterious creatures that protect 6
billion people – aliens doomsday that delay
as they can. But what’s the point of these tadpoles worrying about us,
mere mortals? Probably, the meaning is very big, otherwise they would not
flew so often, would not warn us about the cataclysms, and
would no longer hinder them. Потому, может быть еще очень long
aliens came to Nostradamus and told him about those
significant dates when the spiritual end of the world comes,
material and physical, because it really was. AND
maybe Nibiru disappeared knowingly, and a huge meteorite in Chelyabinsk
“late” is not accidental. Perhaps it is only the aliens save
us from the end of the world, building invisible cosmic obstacles.

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