Aliens eyewitnesses to earthly accidents

инопланетяне очевидцы

Thousands and thousands of years, our planet is undergoing cataclysms, and we
with it we experience them one by one. But why are they
happen, who is behind it and who needs it? Why we
the fifth civilization on Earth, why do they regularly fly to us
aliens, why is our world full of secrets and mysteries? All our
questions know the answers only they, alien beings who
around the clock and vigilant control constantly lead us. Yes Yes,
aliens witnesses of all the events that take place on our
the planet, both small and large. They are absolutely watching
everyone, predict thoughts and actions, and come to us with the goal
help prevent them. Therefore, do not neglect the tips
guests from space, because it is likely that they saw and how
other civilizations lived before us, and for this very reason they want us
explain what and how to do, and what is not worth it. Listen to
aliens, because their heads are bigger, which means they have more knowledge about us and
our planet.

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