Aliens fly in our sky

Инопланетяне летают на Землю

That’s all, the time has come when we, the rightful inhabitants of the Earth
will have to share their habitable territory with alien
creatures. You can’t do anything, they are much smarter and faster than us, and
it means it is useless to fight with them. Therefore, the only way out is
or understand what we have them stronger, or find a wiser way, and
just make friends with them. For those who do not want to hear about
that aliens are real, that this is not fiction or fiction. Who
does not want to know and think about aliens flying every night
in our sky. Who гонит мысли о том, что инопланетяне прилетают на
our planet, to inquire about its resources, to understand our
weaknesses, explore all the possibilities of our capture, and after
to settle on our planet forever, that is fundamentally wrong, and
will not be prepared for the coming of aliens. Therefore, if in the sky
a star of a strange magnitude flickers, if something keeps you awake, if
somewhere in the depths the thought creeps in on what kind of strange
the shadows on the horizon, should be aware of the fact that they fly,
aliens. And nothing to do with it.

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