Aliens for ancient civilizations were godsand teachers?

Древние цивилизации инопланетян

Independent researchers expressed the opinion that all myths, legends
and legends of ancient peoples talk about participation in the development process
civilizations of alien beings. In them, “aliens” are called
�”Gods.” Babylonian, Sumerian, Assyrian, Egyptian and
Indian legends are so similar in their content that
it seems that they were written about the same thing,
only the “gods” wore different names, but owned identical
features and benefits. There are many descriptive
evidence that aliens and ancient civilizations were in
constant contact. Many legends of Sumerian and other mythologies
talk about the gods appearing from somewhere, teaching people
various crafts, sciences and arts, after which also
disappear safely. To be objective, you can determine
where they could come from ancient civilizations that did not differ
especially high development, advanced concepts, the doctrine of the universe,
its origin and the structure of the Cosmos, developed literature and
writing and much more that is incomprehensible to the mind of the present
the average person of our time? But all
the above is a historically proven fact about sumers, which
lived more than five thousand years ago.

The ancients and aliens or where modern humans came from

Древние инопланетяне

Despite numerous thorough studies and
experiments, scientists today can not give accurate and objective
the answer to the question, where did the modern man come from? While studying
the Neanderthal genetic code showed a huge difference with
genetic code of modern man. For obvious reasons,
This discovery negated all the provisions of the Darwin theory of
origin of man. It suddenly became incomprehensible how forty
thousand years ago the beast-like Neanderthal gradually became
turn into a slim and beautiful person. With new
information, the theory of the origin of a person ends at about
forty thousandth turn. But what scientists could not do would help
unravel the ancient chronicles that indicate the fact that
the ancients and aliens had not only intellectual and
moral contact, but also sexual. Many chronicles are kept
a description of the heavenly mysterious phenomena, talking about flying angels,
who descended to Earth, chose the most beautiful young
women and took them as wives. These facts are described in detail even in
The bible It is clear that for an ancient man who was far from
understanding of the aircraft, the appearance of an airplane or a UFO was
manifestation of divine power.

Therefore, a lot of things were allowed to newcomers. But the result
interracial contact has become a mixture of blood and birth completely
Genetically, new people, modern people.

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