Aliens giant creatures frighteningpeople

Гигантские инопланетяне

Humanity can and should fear for their lives, because
now it is not one in the whole universe, and there are bright and
undeniable evidence. So, thanks to the inquisitive
archaeologists who once again tried to get to the depths
Of the Earth, huge skeletons were discovered, which in length reached
more than 30 meters. But the value is not the main thing that scientists have discovered.
The skulls of the skeletons were oblong, the bones of the arms and legs were very thin,
but at the same time very strong, despite the fact that they lay in the ground
a lot of time. This suggests that not so long ago lived on earth
creatures are very similar to us and to those who regularly fly to
visit us at our unidentified objects. It follows that
that aliens are gigantic, intelligent, and also incredibly strong.
Therefore, it is quite reasonable to be afraid of them, worrying about their lives.

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