Aliens had a dream, or it seemed?A nightmare, or the truth?

Приснились инопланетяне

The inhabitants of the globe now and then wake up in a cold sweat, thinking
that aliens dreamed of them. Hiding under the covers with
head, they intensely think about whether it was fantastic
a dream, or did the aliens really visit? Because,
people try naively to convince themselves that they are just
We saw plenty of films and the aliens were nothing more than
tired fiction of the brain. However, no matter how it sounds, if
aliens came in a dream, so it was.
Proof of this is the high realism of sleep, memorization
all the details that occurred in it, as well as the sensations of how
aliens touched the body with their hands, or how deep
looked into the eyes. If all that was in a dream, otherwise it could not
happen then you should not console yourself with the fact that aliens
dreamed because they were here, side by side, in reality. And not
it’s worth it to be afraid, because it’s likely that they didn’t come
just. It may be for an important purpose to leave a message, and maybe
be in order to sew an alien bug.

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