Aliens have captured the earth – which shouldexpect

Инопланетяне захватили планету

Of course, everyone has already seen the films “Arrival”, “They live”,
�”The Fifth Element”, “Avatar” and so on. However, by unknown
the reason, not everyone is aware of the fact that aliens
seized the land very, very long time ago. Only some ufology
beat the alarm: with the help of technologies unknown to mankind
using genetic engineering, aliens created a type of humanoid,
as two drops of water, similar to earthlings. They trained their brood
enslave, thanks to which over time they seized all power on
Earth That golden era, when earthlings at least understood something in
happening and could lead a desperate struggle with invaders,
remained only in myths and legends. But those are almost completely
rewritten, so that people do not understand. Why not
should understand earthlings? They are slaves! Puppets in hands
aliens Aliens have captured the earth, and humans mine for them
oil, gold, diamonds …

Is it possible to capture the Earth by aliens?

If we talk about the readiness of people to fight with alien
invaders, you can do quite disappointing conclusions.
No, we are not ready to defend our native Earth in battle. Yes grab land
aliens possible. Do not believe? Call the police and tell me
that enemy plates appeared on the horizon. What do you think, what
will the reaction of civil servants? That’s right, they laugh. Even
the general will call, even if it is announced on TV screens
in all countries of the world, people will not perceive information about capture as
is due. They are just not ready for this. Unfortunately today
the only person who is able to instantly perceive such
The message is seriously – it is an employee of a psychiatric clinic. Even yourself
Specialists in search and detection of extraterrestrial civilizations, discussing
This issue concluded that there would be no attack. And why?
Because all the aliens are good. But think of the good Spaniards,
come to the Americas. No defense, no missiles, no
bombs, unable to overcome the enemy without readiness for battle and
faith in victory. Therefore, the only thing that is a fact of the future
this is what aliens will easily seize the Earth, costing them
to want

Invaders aliens lit up on a photograph of the Hubble telescope
It was an ordinary working night, when suddenly the Hubble telescope
recorded a very strange photo: in a stellar haze appeared
invaders aliens from the most popular in the seventies game
Space Invaders. But what was recorded in real life is not
could not shock the inhabitants of the Earth, because their shock was quite
explain. Of course, NASA representatives immediately reassured how
gamers, and all the rest. There is no reason to panic, because
The image captured just one of those seen in the cosmic
cluster of galaxies. Assured that there is no reason to panic,
many journalists started an active and fun discussion
happened And indeed, from where is this striking similarity
between the galaxy and the alien invaders ship? May be,
Is this another attempt to hide the truth? And what would happen if this
Was there really a warship holding the way to Earth?

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