Aliens have long been among us

The report of the Russian ufologist E.Litvinov “Aliens among us”,
made by him at the meeting of the Commission on the AYA RGO, one would even have to
to name it a little differently, stressing that the higher non-terrestrial
civilizations (EC) are present on Earth from time immemorial, that is
aliens have always been among us and even contributed to the birth
our human society.

There are hundreds of books and countless others.
materials, says ufologist, who describe in general such
picture: aliens have always been on Earth, and this
documented starting with rock painting and
ending with myths, legends and religious teachings. Moreover,
the most convincing evidence of this is hidden in every possible way. None
less, according to available information, ufologists account for more than 80
alien races on our planet who flown in mainly from
constellations Lyra, Big Dog, Taurus, Orion, Dragon, Centaurus, Leo and
etc., that is, from the nearest to us quadrant of the Milky Way.

Why we do not notice the aliens who live among us

Many aliens live among humans because they are very similar to
us. This is how E.Litvinov himself classifies such “inconspicuous
aliens “:

  • biorobots, among which stand out “people in black” with their
    special functions;
  • aliens who look very similar to humans or possess
    ability to take on the appearance of people (very often it is attributed
  • people appearing here from the future;
  • doubles (clones of people or energy copies);
  • star children and hybrid creatures;
  • the so-called sublanders (a subtle matter is placed in a person

If aliens are on Earth initially, why about them
all sorts of horror stories about abduction are constantly exaggerated in the media
people for creepy experiments before a massive alien invasion,
which is about to happen (the latter was scheduled, supposedly, on only
what the last New Year, but … again did not take place)? how
says E.Litvinov, all alien races on Earth exclusively
peaceful. They try as best they can to help us, preventing the most
terrible disaster. However, aliens do not have the right to rudely
intervene in the development of earthly society (the law of the universe on freedom
choice). But no aggressive aliens on our blue ball
no and never was, if they existed, then without difficulty
destroyed or enslaved people a long time ago.

Why aliens do not grossly interfere in our lives

The aggressiveness of aliens, as well as the silence of any information about
they are needed only by the powerful of this world to reign supremely
over the masses. To this end, they invent religions as a tool
enslavement of people, make the aliens themselves – myths and fabulous
heroes, and now, when to hide information about
aliens just difficult then resorting to the already tried and tested method
create “pugalok.” That is how the Illuminati, for example, unleashed
virtually the Third World War on September 11, 2001, declaring
international fight against terrorism, in fact leaving
colossal funds for his generation, causing the world to shake in
endless military conflicts so far.

Now the Illuminati are playing the card
alien invasions “, not to mention the fact that they have long been
created the image of warlike, cruel and cunning reptiloids
(reptoids). In fact, according to conspiracy therapists and
advanced ufologists, reptoids possessing inexhaustible
emotional energy, extremely good aliens, and their
hearts are endless in their love for people. Moreover,
present on Earth, the higher race of aliens will never allow
here are alien aggressors who in the universe are definitely
there is.

But the Illuminati need all this to keep their limitless
power is the power of this parasitic top over a multi-billion dollar
humanity. Indeed, in the face of a common enemy (and
scary as aliens) easy to do anything: knock out
fabulous money for weapons, organize any massive
lawlessness, not to mention hunger, hiding great achievements,
the destruction of geniuses and many other crimes against
of humanity. But humanity itself must overcome all these vices.
their social development, the aliens in this case perform
only the role of fire and ambulance, sometimes preventing nuclear
war, sometimes destroying a meteorite falling on a city (the Tungussky and
Chelyabinsk options), but in general, not interfering roughly in our
a life.

Here is a generally almost fantastic picture of aliens
drew the famous ufologist E.Litvinov. Believe in his report or
no, it’s a personal affair of every earthling. In conclusion, we only note that
the scientist did something like this: to
Unfortunately, the consciousness of earthlings today is still too primitive (which
very satisfied with the powerful of this world), why no official
contact with the aliens in the near future is not necessary …

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