Aliens in Africa have found their death

Инопланетяне в Африке

More recently, near the town of Kigali, which is located in Africa,
the central part of it, an enormous mass grave was found, in
which was found 200 tel. The first opinion that has developed
scientists claimed that the inhabitants of some
local village. But after the research was found,
that the buried remains have nothing to do with people.
Too big, huge heads without mouth, nose and eyes – obviously
these skeletons have nothing to do with the human race. On
the question of how the aliens turned out to be in Africa, there was only one
answer. They all died almost once from exposure
some kind of virus or bacteria. There is a possibility that death
they were caught in space on a ship, so the aliens have nothing
it was necessary to do how to make an unscheduled stop and bury
dead on earth. According to another version of the aliens in Africa befell
such a fate at the time of landing on our planet. Scientists think that
It was Earth viruses that killed the newcomers.

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