Aliens in America have taken an appearancehome pets

инопланетяне в BUTмерике

Many ufologists have long reported that aliens live on
Earth among ordinary people. However, the opinion of scientists about how their
recognize diverge. Famous ufologist from the US Brad Stager
sure: their appearance is absolutely familiar to our eyes, because
aliens are our beloved pets. About 20% of the total
the numbers of pets on the planet are the most real
aliens. Stager is convinced that all those cats and dogs,
who are able to treat their masters and save them from all sorts
the cataclysms are descendants of the animals that were abandoned on
The earth is about 50,000 years old. Before you come to such
conclusions, ufologist devoted to the study of the question of a long 20 years
own life. Inspiration, as often happens, came unexpectedly.
Stager dawned at the moment when he once again listened to
praise of neighbors to your pet. By making a survey
among several million US residents who keep
four-legged friends, the ufologist made a general portrait of the newcomers and
did math calculations. According to Steiger the aliens
in America they are absolutely safe and peaceful creatures,
the number of which, today, exceeds several millions
individuals. They look exactly the same as ordinary cats and dogs,
but have a much more developed mind.

Aliens of America live in bunkers

American ufologists believe that in the southwestern United States have long been
a huge network of underground structures was built that serve
bases for aliens, bases that were inhabited by aliens
America. Its construction was made possible thanks to the close and
longstanding government and alien cooperation that
began to form in the 50s of the last century. Experts
They say that these buildings are not only located very
deep underground, but even they are not afraid of atomic bombs. BUT
they also have superior communication tools. Exactly this
allows you to follow the aliens for people, and appear in front of them in
most unpredictable situations, shocking the inhabitants of the earth again and
again. It is believed that all these ultra modern bunkers for
The alien guests’ survival is built on the money of the drug market and
all kinds of emergency as well as shadow funds.

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