Aliens in Mexico – tragica meeting

Инопланетяне в Мексике

Mexico is a favorite place of aliens. In this country, local
residents often encounter strange aliens, circles
in the fields, a bright glow in the sky and unidentified objects. So
it happened that aliens in mexico commonplace. But despite
on this, nevertheless, the mexicans were not ready to meet the living
representative of an alien race. Очередная a meeting мексиканских
farmers with a strange creature proved tragic. Farmers very
were frightened to see an incomprehensible creature on their lands and killed

Scientists had the opportunity to investigate the corpse. They found out
the origin of the strange creature and found a partial similarity
Alien DNA from human DNA as well as from lizard DNA. By
the skeleton of the “guest” turned out to be closer to the skeleton structure of the lizard,
than a man. The alien had a large disproportionate skull with
enlarged back, brain volume, according to scientists
has some similarities with the human brain. This fact gives
the ability to speculate that the alien is
representative of a reasonable civilization with a developed intellect.

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