Aliens in Moscow?

инопланетяне уже в Москве

This news has shocked many, it’s hard to believe – but
a fact that many eyewitnesses confirm – of enormous size
bright glowing disc in the summer of 2011 flew in the daytime sunny
the sky over Moscow. He appeared suddenly, just as he had disappeared.
Many DVRs managed to fix it from different points, from which
it is clearly visible that this is not a plane, not a rocket, but something flying with
tremendous speed, therefore, without slow motion, to “detect” it
is impossible. And this is not the only case of “flights” over Moscow.
American Stanley Fulham, a former aerospace officer
defense predicted this appearance, but not only in Moscow, UFO
appeared in other countries and the exact date this person called –
10/13/2010, when a UFO appeared over New York.

Aliens in Moscow? Yes, since there is information that they
live among us – mostly they are distinguished by superpowers and a little
unusual appearance. According to eyewitnesses and contactees,
Else they are the same as we – or is it a mask?

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