Aliens in Russia – the secrets of our motherland

Инопланетяне в России

Russia is huge and in every city there are many secrets that
beyond our understanding. Residents of Rostov-on-Don and scientists
sure that the city was once ruled by representatives of extraterrestrial
civilizations, and at great depths under the center of Rostov, in the web
entangled underground passages, in coal seams, lie the remains
flying saucer. This is confirmed by strange finds – skeletons,
which in appearance resemble human, but with an elongated
the shape of a skull, with a tower deformation of the occipital-frontal part.

The skeletons are more than 2 thousand years old and they are kept in the Azov Museum. If this
people – to whom they imitated, in infancy, deforming the bones
the skull? It can be concluded that aliens in Russia are at least
were Also found a map of the planetary system, which is 1000
years older than the systems known to us. Another fact strikes – 20 km
from Rostov was the ancient city of Tanais, which in the 5th century suddenly
disappeared from the face of the earth. The official version is a fire – but a strange fire,
as evidenced by melted glass, metal, stone, temperature
such a fire was about 2,000 degrees, whereas in normal
fire temperature does not exceed 400. Scientists-ufologists are sure that he
was burnt by extraterrestrial guests, and the inhabitants of the city were taken from
by myself.

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