Aliens in the sun and Einstein’s theory

Инопланетяне на солнце летают

Every year, the STEREO and SOHO space observatories record
many frames in which you can see quite likely
traces of a UFO in the sun. More recently, NASA researchers
again discovered and captured on the video strange objects that
do not just move near a hot star, but fly into it and
fly out. Had Stargate author Andre (Alice Mary)
Norton was still alive, she would certainly be surprised and rejoiced.
their insight. Today, the information that aliens
the sun was, already no one will cause a violent protest. Of course,
many may relate to it with a bit of irony and skepticism, however
explain the phenomena captured on NASA films, and even more
to refute them, while no one can. On the contrary, if you believe
version of Einshnein about the possible existence of “wormholes” in
The universe, then everything will fall into place. Aliens on the Sun
opened the “Stargate” and move through it with speed

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