Aliens in Turkey – and this is not just anothereastern tale

Инопланетяне в Турции

Photos taken by Istanbul concierge Yalcin Yalman
shocked not only the research center specialists
ufology “Sirius”, but the whole world! These pictures show a UFO,
so clearly that it can be determined that it is double-decked
metal flying saucer with a diameter of 10-15 meters, also Yalchin
managed to capture the head of unknown creatures. And this is not a photo montage! AT
Istanbul held a press conference on this occasion, at which
it was said that this is the most valuable shots in the world.

According to an eyewitness, it became known that he felt the day before,
that something like this should happen, and he could not believe it.
Moreover, in Turkey quite often UFOs were recorded and filmed, but
no one has ever made such clear images! Many skeptics
Today they are trying to refute this supposedly photomontage, but
ufologists still have a different opinion and are waiting for new ones
evidence that no doubt will come soon.

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