Aliens interview with the Prime Minister

Interview with Dmitry Medvedev about the “green men” excited
public. Not only foreigners, but also many Russian joke
about the secret information folder, completely
dedicated to aliens, seemed at least strange.
Aliens give interviews with the prime minister or is it fiction,
You can find out by returning to the past. Namely, on December 7, 2012,
where all the media kept saying about the premier’s public alien statement.
So, to the question of journalist Marianna Maksimovskaya about the presence of
the land of aliens, Medvedev in a serious tone gave an exhaustive
answer. It dealt with the existence of a “nuclear suitcase” and
service dealing with aliens. The latter, according to the prime minister,
keeps records of alien creatures remaining on Earth and gives
reporting to the president himself. To learn about the case
newcomers more, Dmitry Medvedev in the same serious tone
offers to see the chronicle of “People in Black.” Many foreign
The media were completely unprepared to adequately perceive the fun.
Medvedev. Yes, and some Russian Prime Minister interviews led
in bewilderment. Indeed, now guess what a joke
It is said to be witty and what is true.

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