Aliens killed Argentine cowsfarmer

Farmer Norberto Bieri of the Argentine province of Santa Fe was
shocked when I discovered the other day all my cows are disfigured
and killed.

According to local police, these mysterious operations were
performed with the highest surgical precision. Moreover,
the removal was apparently not done by a blade, but by something
like a laser – this is indicated by burned skin around places
cuts. Surprising and the lack of blood on earth …

Alas, law enforcement officers could not find the culprit of these atrocities, and
soon plan to close the case. However, according to Bieri, he
knows perfectly well who destroyed his cattle. The farmer is convinced that everything
blame representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, experimenting on
terrestrial organisms.

It is worth noting that this is not the first such case in
Argentina. In various provinces of the South American country constantly
cows disappear. Often the bodies of animals are soon found.
disfigured, and always in the same way as in
described case.

The police just shrug. They used to assume that
cows are gnawed by predators, rats, or even carnivorous bacteria.
However, when law enforcement officers determined that tissues are removed from
enviable accuracy, and even something like a laser scalpel,
the police simply refused to investigate: at best here
need to catch scientists (rather, the military departments) who use
cutting-edge, experimental medical equipment, at worst –
aliens. And that, and another – not in the competence of the police. Yes and outside of it
opportunities …

It is noteworthy that, according to the testimony of Norberto Bieri, in the night
before the discovery of the corpses of cows he saw in the sky over his farm
mysterious bluish lights. Indirect, but still proof
the one who could do it …

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