Aliens land on Earth tostay on it live

Инопланетяне высаживаются на Землю

Studying the aliens who visit us every now and then,
ufologists try in vain to understand what the real reason is
that aliens land on our planet over and over again. how
it turned out there are several truthful hypotheses, thanks
which can be a little bit closer to the solution
true thoughts of aliens. So, the most acceptable option
who caresses the ears of the inhabitants of the Earth, is that aliens
fly to us on their ships in order to get to know
their “soul mates”. A more severe hypothesis, and partly
the more spectacular is the one that aliens land for
to study us, and as a result, take away our planet and
after populate it. The third hypothesis that is preferred
enjoy more romantic individuals, says that
aliens land in order to give us their wise
knowledge, teach us to use higher matters and understand the essence
the universe. To whom which hypothesis is more to their liking can decide
individually. But one thing is 100% obvious – aliens are something

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